Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a Private Party?
The easiest way to do that is to text us at 801-930-0451. Tell us the date and time you are looking at and we can check the schedule. Private Parties are groups of 16 or more. However, if you want to do a private and you have less than 16 you can still book, you will just end up paying the minimum, as if you had 16 in your group. Private Parties require $100 down payment to reserve. We send you an electronic booking invoice once we have your name, email, cell phone number, date and time for your Private Party.

Q. How many people can I have in my Private Party event?
A. We can accommodate roughly up to 40 people in the facility. We have had groups of 50, but that gets a little cozy. We have 8 throwing targets, so if you have 5 people per target that is 40 people.

Q. What about food for our Private Party?
A. You may have food catered, bring your own food or even schedule a food truck. Just communicate your intentions with us when booking your party so we can help you out the best way possible. We do not have a designated eating area, but we do have tables and chairs to accommodate up to 40 people. We setup tables and chairs in one of the Bays for eating, or for your group activity, and then quickly taken them down so all the Bays are available for axe throwing.

Q. Is outside food allowed during General Admission?
A. NO outside food. We do allow outside drinks, just no alcohol. We only allow outside food for Private Parties. We have sodas and snacks here for purchase. Most are $1 each.

Q. What if I disobey the house rules?
A. You will be asked to leave and there will not be a refund. That is the rule. We are reasonable people and ask that you be reasonable as well. Treat yourself, others, and our property with respect. If you don’t follow the rules you can hurt yourself, others, or damage our property, none of which is reasonable or ok. It is at our discretion to determine if you are throwing inappropriately or not. Generally we have found it is those with developing frontal lobes or those who seek attention from their group who have problems following the rules. 99.9% of our customers are great with the rules!

Q. Do you serve or allow alochol in the facility?
A. NO. We, along with our insurance provider have determined that axe throwing and alcohol is not the best of combinations. We get it, you may disagree, and you may be a very responsible drinker. You are not the problem. We have determined to not take on the additional liability of managing those who are not responsible. Axe throwing, like shooting, driving a go cart, can be extremely fun even with a soda in your hand. 

Q. How old do you have to be to throw? 
A. 11 is the youngest allowed in the range. We do have some exceptions for Private Parties. It is always at our discretion to determine if someone is capable of throwing in a safe manner.

Q. I have a bunch of teenagers that want to come there for a dance group. Can they come by themselves?
A. NO. The policy for minors is that the group must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian 21 or over. The parent or guardian needs to be there at check in. Every minor must have a waiver (online) signed by their individual parent or guardian. If we can determine after we get the group started that they are responsible then we may be able to excuse the parent. If we have any concerns with any individual in the group the parent(s) will need to stay for the duration.

Q. I am 18 and my date is 17. Do I need a parent or guardian with me?
A. As you are 18 you are an adult. Your date is a minor. Your date must have the waiver signed by their parent or guardian. It will be at our discretion to allow your date to throw. If your date demonstrates that they are mature enough to handle sharp objects without putting yourself or others in danger, we will allow it. If there is any infraction of the rules you will be asked to leave and there will not be a refund.

Q. What about a group date with a bunch of teenagers?
A. You need a parent or guardian to accompany you. This is the same as the dance group question above.

Q. Can I bring in my own axe or throwing implements?
You are welcome to bring in your own axe as long as it meets the following standard. It must be no longer than 16″ in length. It must be in good condition. The head must be permanently fixed to the handle. If the handle is wood, you must be an experienced thrower. We will determine if we feel your axe is safe to use in our facility. Other throwing implements such as stars, knives, or cards may only be used if there is an open Bay between you and the next thrower as these small objects have the potential to go through the chain link barrier between Bays. 

If you have any other questions, just ask!